Ecce Kosti!

Pleased I am that you’ve just opened my website. Welcome. Here is a wealth of information and examples that would answer all questions about who I am, what I’ve done, what I’d still like to do. Feel free to open the various buttons marked with underlines, and then open the buttons behind the buttons, so to speak. Take your time, as a lot of effort went into gathering and preparing the materials into what we hope will be the richest internet presentation of its literary/artistic kinds. The photograph of me near my new Atlantic Ocean home was taken by Brian Kennedy for the Village Voice.

As the entry on me in Encyclopedia Britannica calls me “productive in many fields,” this opening page can take you down many paths. For information about me, click HISTORIES. This includes not only the complete Britannica appreciation but entries about me in other highly selective directories; a complete resumé as well as an abridged one; some bibliographies; information for public appearances, etc.

INVENTORIES has lists of books published by me, my audio-musical works, audiovideotapes, films; in addition to catalogs from smallpresses associated with me: Archae Editions, Future Press, Assembling.

PROPOSALS has individual descriptions of things I’d still like to do, support willing: books to author and to edit, performances, exhibitions, media commissions, public art, as well as internships and institutional seminars.

EXAMPLES has previously unpublished books, such as Home & Away, The Maturity of American Thought; Book-Art, Alternative Publishing; under-published books, such as The Grants-Fix and Unfinished Business; incomplete books, such as A Special Time; and addenda to published books, such as my SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists’ Colony; as well as visual art by me, selections from my holograms, audiotapes, videotapes, and static visual art. Note that since these links offer images and sounds, rather than texts, making them appear before your eyes and/or ears might take longer.

LINKS will connect you to Ecce Kosti (updated) and the websites of some favorite colleagues.