Theater Criticism

The more closely we study American art, especially in contrast to European, we see that one cultural difference between them is that much of our greatest art comes informally dressed as sub-art, or popular art. With its origins in vernacular, this sort of American art customarily succeeds with a mass audience before critics perceive its uncommon virtues.

After investigating the history of American radio, and listening to many sorts of radio plays, I have come to the conclusion that most the greatest theater in American radio appeared not in the formal plays by poets and playwrights but, instead, in the informal works of radio comedians and then musicians.

The Art of Radio in North America (2009)

Though only teenager, he succeeded especially at playing older men, illustrating what some consider the truest mark of acting genius--the ability to portray convincingly a person with far more human experience or far more intelligence than oneself.

“Orson Welles as an Acoustic Filmmaker” (2006)