Radio Broadcasts

WBAI-FM (New York, NY)

Talks on recent theater and recent fiction, 1963. Two-part symposium on Marshall McLuhan, moderated by Samuel Blazer, 20 & 27 May, 1967. Interview with Barry Schwartz about art and technology, “The Examined Life,” 1967. Symposium on visual poetry moderated by Ruth Rotko, 1973. Principal participant in “The End of Intelligent Writing: A Transreal Awakening,” Aug. 11, 1972. “Morning Music [aka “Music for a New Ear”],” a two-hour program produced and conducted by Jim Theobald, devoted entirely to RKts audiotapes, Sept., 1977 (rebroadcast, Dec., 1977); with different audiotapes, Feb., 1982 (Invocations, Seductions); March, 1983 (The Gospels in its entirety); Feb., 1984 (New York City); a symposium on the anthology Text-Sound Texts, Nov., 1980. Interviews with Tom Vitale and broadcast of tapes, April, 1982; August, 1983. Conversations (in all versions), distributed through “Mozart/Schmozart,” organized by Jim Theobald, July 13, 1985.

WNYC-FM (New York, NY)

Interviews with Andre Bernard, “Around New York,” 1978; with Matthew Paris & David Zimmer, “Absence of Silence,” two programs in 1976; Warren Bower and Walter James Miller, “Readers Almanac,” on several books and related current literary activities, many times from 1968 to the present. (Several of the latter programs were distributed to member stations of the National Educational Broadcasting Association.) Excerpts from Invocations on “New Sounds,” Aug. 12, 1984; Nov. 5, 1984; Nov. 11, 1984. Invocations, in its entirety, on “While the City Sleeps,” Feb. 3 & 7, Dec. 27, 1985.

WNCN-FM (New York, NY)

Interview with Ben Givaudin, “Series Four,” on The Theatre of Mixed Means, 1968.

WQXR-FM (New York, NY)

Interview with Casper Citron, on The Young American Writers, 1968.

WRVR-FM (New York, NY)

A symposium with several others moderated by Cyril Peters, partially about Beyond Left & Right, 1968.

WKCR-FM (New York, NY)

Interviews with Michael Andre, 1973; with Tom Vitale, “In Our Time,” about Text-Sound Texts, April, 1980; and about fiction in general and Epiphanies in particular, June, 1980; with Michael Silberstein about Glenn Gould, Oct., 1982.

WXXI-FM (Rochester, NY)

Interview with John Morgan about The End of Intelligent Writing and broadcast of creative audiotapes produced at the station, 1975-76. Principal participant in the Intergalactic Poetry Energy Circus (1976), which won in 1977 for WXXI-FM a prize for innovative local programming from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and was in May, 1978, distributed on cassette to all National Public Radio member stations.

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Short interviews and literary commentaries, on various subjects, 1975 to the present. Audio Art, 45-minute program, written and narrated by RK, devoted entirely to RK’s audiotapes, FM Network, 1978. North American Text-Sound, 60-minute program written and narrated by RK, 1981, rebroadcast, 1983. Invocations (English opening), 1983. Produced interviews, 30 minutes apiece, with the American audio artists Charles Dodge and Doris Hays, 1985. Audio Writing, a 60-minute program, written and narrated by RK, devoted entirely to RK’s audiotapes, 1985. New York City, 1985. Epiphanies for Radio, on Surface Tension (Oct. 26, 1985).

National Public Radio (Washington, DC)

Network distribution through Modular Arts Service in 1976 of Milestones in a Life, in 1977 of Plateaux and in 1978 of Declaration of Independence to member stations to broadcast as they wished. Network distribution of Praying to the Lord through SPDF, as part of Beth Anderson’s series, Poetry Is Music. Network distribution of the Intergalactic Poetry Energy Circus (see above).

KPFA-FM (Berkeley, CA)

Excerpts from Recyclings (1977) and Invocations (1981).

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)

Audio Art, 1979.

KGLT (Bozeman, MT)

Excerpts from Audio Writing on “Views & Reviews,” May 8, 15 & 22, 1985.

KFJN (Grand Forks, ND)

Interview about Epiphanies (March, 1980).

KFAI (St. Paul, MN)

Audio Writing on “Poeme Electronique” (Nov. 11, 1985). WFMU (East Orange, NJ): Audio Writing (Jan. 9, 1986).

KXPR (Sacramento, CA)

Experimental Prose, June 6, 1979.

WAER (Syracuse, NY)

A reading by RK & others of Openings & Closings (Sept. 29, 1975).

KUT-FM (Austin, TX)

Four interviews with Nancy Kaufman (Vreeland) about recent art and literature, spring, 1977.

KBOO (Portland, OR)

Plateaux, Milestones in a Life, & Dialogues (in three parts), Dec., 1976.

KRAB (Seattle, WA)

Sole featured artist on “Aural Chroom,” a 60-minute program conducted by Joseph Keppler, July 2, 1982.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto)

Invocations (English opening, abridged), Oct., 1982; The Eight Nights of Hanukah, Dec., 1983.

CHRW Radio Western (London, Ontario)

Relationships and Seductions within a two-hour montage entitled “Seduction Is No Motion Picture,” Dec. 4, 1983. The Gospels, complemented by simultaneous readings from miscellaneous writings by RK, April 22, 1984. New York City, mixed with other materials by Tony McAulay, Dec. 30, 1984.

CFR (Vancouver, BC)

Sole featured artist on “New Sounds Gallery” (July 30, 1985).

CKDU (Halifax)

Excelsior and excerpts from New York City, within “Audio by Artists Festival” (April 8, 1985)

Voice of America, USICA Forum Series

Coordinator of American Writing Today, 52 programs, one-half hour apiece; sole inteviewee in programs devoted to Introduction, Gertrude Stein and RK’s own work, and moderator of symposia with three or four experts on recent American short fiction, literary translation, visual poetry, sound poetry, book art, literature and performance, and literature written in America in languages other than English, 1980.

Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Köln, West Germany)

Featured participant, Text-Sound-Sound Poetry, USA, June, 1981. Author-director of Hörspiele, Die Evangelien, Sept., 1982; New York City, April, 1984; and Das acht Nachte von Channukah, Dec., 1984. Author of Arbeitsberichte to the last two--April, 1984 and Dec., 1984. Author-editor of extended features, translated into German, on Hörspiel USA: Radio Comedy. March, 1983; Glenn Gould als Hörspielrnacher” June, 1984; “Radio Comedy Heute,” Jan. 28, 1986.

Sender Freies Berlin (West Germany)

Author-producer of Invocations (German opening), Nov., 1981; texts and tapes for feature programs on literature in New York City, literary politics in America, North American text-sound, Hörtexte (audio writings) of RK, New York City Radio, 1982-1986.

RIAS (West Berlin)

Co-authored Nach Weissensee, Oct. 29, 1984. Excerpts from Conversations within a program about computer music produced by Walter Bachauer, 1984.

BBC (London)

Third Programme talk on The American Absurd Novel, April, 1964.

RAI (Italian Radio)

Talk on American Text-Sound, on “america Coast to Coast,” Sept. 28, 1983.

Katholieke Radio Ornroep (KRO, Hilversum, Netherlands)

Invocations (Latin Opening), July 23, 1983.

Vrije Protestantse Radio Ornroep (VPRO, Hilversum)

Dialogues in “kunst op de radio, radio als Kunst,” June 26, 1983.


Excerpt from Radio Comedy: U.S.A., May 12, 1984.

Saarlandischer Rundfunk

Excerpt from Radio Comedy: U.S.A., 1985.

Deutsche Welle

Interview about Horspiele, with Betsy Hills, Autumn, 1984.

Sveriges Radio

Feature, translated into Swedish, on American Radio Comedy, Jan. 18, 1984.

Osterreichischer Rundfunk

Der Horspielmacher Glenn Gould (Jan. 14, 1986).

Belgian Radio

Interview with Frans Boenders, Dec., 1979.

Yugoslav Radio

Invocations (Slavic Opening),” Third Programme, Jan., 1986.

Note: There may well have been other programs, particularly interviews and rebroadcasts, that have slipped my memory. The historical details of this list were not compiled until 1981.