Archae Editions

ARCHAE EDITIONS is devoted exclusively to the works of a single author, Richard Kostelanetz. Created in response to well-known limitations in the traditional channels of literary communication, ARCHAE (formerly RK), first of all places on sale mint-condition works of his that are no longer available from their initial publishers--sometimes at remainder prices, other times at prices they would have if published anew today, and, if copies are scarce, at prices in truth essentially for archives. It also collects privately produced editions and from time to time also issues new books, audiotapes, films, videotapes, and holograms. The date of this list is March 2012.

From Kindle (Amazon) are available Book Art, Anthologies, and Alternative Publishing; On Sports and Sportsman; Home and Away: Travel Essays; Preambles to the New, The Maturity of American Thought, The Art of Radio in North America, and Categories, all wholly authored by RK.

For photocopies of such unpublished books as “More On Innovative Music(ian)s,” “More Crimes of Culture&,#8221; “Person of Letters in the Contemporary World,” “1001 Stories,” “More Portraits from Memory,” “Bilingual Poems,” “Lovings,” and “More Openings & Closings,” please inquire.

For information regarding the Richard Kostelanetz-Martin Koerber films about the great Jewish cemetery of Berlin, in six different languages, query your local Goethe House or RK himself (, who has video copies that, because of deficient scale, are not acceptable for public presentations. In preparation is a DVD that will contain all six languages plus a seventh soundtrack in English with RK’s commentary on the footage.

Testimonies from A Berlin Lost (n.d.) is a 30-page spiral-bound booklet of testimonies selected from the various versions, $10.00.

Prices and stocks are subject to change, both up and down, without prior notice. The date of this list is October 2010; it will be updated biannually. Discounts only to dealers, paying in advance. (Only defective copies can be returned.) Inquiries about other Richard Kostelanetz publications are also welcome. Please add $3.50 for postage and packing on all orders. Retail customers in New York State must also pay appropriate sales tax. With every order above $50.00, we add gratis, upon request, a copy of Recyclings, Vol. 1.

Addendum: Archae Editions is now distributing a dozen numbers of Assembling co-compiled with others, including A Critical Assembling (1979) and Pilot Proposals (1981), except Fourth of which only a few copies remain ($225.00), in addition to Assembling Press books by H. J. Korn, Mike Metz, Paul Zelevansky, Kenneth Gangemi, Donald Porter, Raymond Federman, Peter Barnett; ask for a separate list of its offerings.