Experimental Prose (1976), several early experiments with voice-modification mostly on multi-tracked tape, including Milestones in a Life, Excelsior, Declaration of Independence, that have since been aired over NPR and stations abroad. These, like his other audiopieces, are not "straight readings" of his texts but audio realizations produced mostly at radio stations and in electronic music studios, 40 min., $8.00. Individually signed & lettered, $50.00.

Openings & Closings (1976), single-sentence stories (from a 1975 book of the same title) that are either the openings of hypothetical fictions or the closings, read by the author in inventively amplified stereo, 60 minutes, $10.00.

Foreshortenings & Other Stories (1977), which rearranges 84 sentence-modules in systematically different ways, with two completely different readings-realizations of the text, 60 minutes, $l0.00.

Asdescent/Anacatabasis (l978), electronically modified readings of texts radically reworked from the KJV (and since reprinted in Prose Pieces [Atticus Press, 1985], 46 minutes, monocassette, $8.00.

Invocations (1981), an audio-art piece about the sound of the language of prayer, 6l minutes long, in 25 languages, recorded in West Berlin and mixed at the Electronic Music Studio of Stockholm and subsequently broadcast over radio stations in Germany, Holland, Canada, Australia and America. Folkways Records issued the principal version, opening with prayers in Hebrew & Syriac; now it is available as a cassette from them and as an old-style LP from us. $10.00. The five other versions, all available from Archae Editions, begin with openings in, respectively, German, English, Scandanavian languages, Latin, Italian-Yugoslav languages. $l2.00 apiece; $60.00 for the complete set of six versions.

Seductions/Relationships (1981-83), an audiocassette of two formally experimental erotic narratives, respectively from More Short Fictions and Autobiographies, 25 + 31 min. $10.00.

The Eight Nights of Hanukah/Praying to the Lord (1983, 1981), a stereo audio cassette of two audio interpretations of traditional sacred texts, the first initially produced for the CBC, the latter for NPR-SPDF, $8.00.

Two German Horspiele (1983), two sequences of very short pieces, Dialogues and Conversations , produced on a Fairlight CMI, 90 minute stereocassette, $10.00.

Audio Writing (l984), an introductory, comprehensive lecture-demonstration of his "publishing" with audiotape, with examples from over a dozen works. 91 minutes, stereocassette, $12.00. [Audio Art (1978) is an earlier self-retrospective. 45 minutes, stereocassette, $10.00.]

Acoustic Fiction I: Ululation (1992), 26', which is the first of a projected series of compositions whose narrative proceeds exclusively in sound, backed with No, I'm Richard Kostelanetz (1992), which is speed-based acoustic humor, on a 60' audiocassette, $10.00.

Complete Audio Writing (1985), nine cassettes, including Audio Writing, Invocations (with an English opening), Eight Nights/Praying, Openings & Closings, Asdescent/Anacatabasis, Foreshortenings, Seductions/Relatio|ships, Two German Horspiele, Experimental Prose, $75.00.

Americas' Game: Baseball (1988), 60' of and about the sound of baseball as a reflection of America, stereocassette, $10.00. An audio-only VHS tape, along with notes and a complete velobound graphic score, gathered together in a special box, signed & lettered A to Z, $100.00.

Onomatopoeia (1988), two realizations of the sampler-assisted reading of words whose sound reflects their meaning, 30-minute stereocassette, $8.00.

More Complete Audio Writing (1987), four VHS Hi-Fi cassettes. One includes many short pieces, beginning all those mentioned above, aside from Invocations and the self-retrospectives, in addition to a few others (What's in a Name, Turfs & Grounds, and binaural, bilingual renditions of Rimbaud's Le Bateau Ivre). Two includes New York City , The Gospels and Die Evangelien, all originally commissioned by European radio. Three includes all six versions of Invocations in sequence (see above). Four includes four hours of Epiphanies in English, followed by 45 minutes in German and then several minutes in Chinese and then Vietnamese, all prefaced by Openings & Closings. All pieces on these tapes were mastered from the reel to reel originals in hi-fi VHS stereo, which reportedly has less tape noise than audiocassette and even the best reel to reel. Each tape is six hours long. These are thus idea for those audiophiles who have incorporated VHS into their hi-fi systems, and as these "videotapes" contain only audio they may be played on European PAL transducers as feasibly as on American NTSC. First edition. $150.00 apiece; $500.00 for the entire set. Another set, at similar prices, comes in the superior, but less common 14-bit digital format of PCM-VHS. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.