Proposal for Book Publication of 1001 Stories

1001 Stories is large collection in progress of single-sentence fictions, over a thousand in number at last count, that have no intentional connection to one another. These stories should appear in physically separate blocks of fairly large type, only a few to a page, ideally in a variety of typefaces (to reinforce the fundamental idea that these are distinctly separate stories), with plenty of separation between them (forcing the reader to acknowledge space as he or she moves from one to another). As the stories themselves are not intrinsically obscure or difficult, especially after their principle is understood, the book should attract fiction-lovers willing to read a series of surprises whose theme is the exhaustive experience of the experience of fiction. My own design recommendation would be that 1001 Stories be published in two editions--a 6" x 9" trade paperback and a 10 3/4" x 16 1/8" hardback, photographically enlarged 180 % (so that the individual stories would come to resemble newspaper headlines). Publishers should consider 1001 Stories an opportunity for innovative design and typesetting--for doing producing a fiction package different from the common run. If the publisher wishes, the author, also a noted book-artist, would be able to take charge of the design and deliver camera-ready copy. A book both written and designed by him was included in an annual exhibition of the American Institute of Graphic Artists. The potential appeal of this project to a wide audience seems obvious to me.