Fiction Books Available

To Prospective Agents and Publishers,

Over the past thirty years I have been publishing my highly experimental fictions in scores of literary magazines. The work has been recognized in such scholarly surveys as the Columbia Literary History of the United States (1988) and featured in individual entries in such compendia as Contemporary Novelists (St. James Press, since 1978); Larry McCaffery's Postmodern Fiction (Greenwood, 1986); A Reader's Guide to 20th Century Writers (Oxford, 1996), where I am one of a select thousand living and dead; Webster's Dictionary of American Authors (1996); 2000); and the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature (1995), where my name is among 10,000 entries from all times.

The work is stylistically different, to be sure, often courting the extremes of literary minimalism with single-sentence narratives and other stories that are only one word, two words, or three words in length. Nonetheless, perhaps because my fiction is rarely willfully obscure it appears so frequently in the world's literary journals. When the publishers listed in the annual Directory of Poetry Publishers are asked which five authors they particularly favor for their pages, my name is customarily ranked around third.

However, several books of my fiction remain unpublished:

1) Epiphanies, which is a huge collection of single-sentence stories that are meant to be the epiphanies, in the James Joycean sense, of otherwise nonexistent stories. So many of these exist that I could imagine them appearing in several volumes that should ideally be typographically striking.

2) 1001 Short Stories, which are single-sentences stories that, unlike the Epiphanies that radiate outwards, are meant to be entirely self-contained. These can be published with or without the accompanying numerals. A sample was imaginatively designed with various interwoven typefaces.

3) More Openings & Closings, which are what the title says: openings of otherwise nonexistent stories alternating with closings that have no ostensible connection to the openings. This is a sequel to a Openings & Closings that was published in 1975 by a Manhattan art gallery.

4) Lovings, which are seventy pages of single-sentence narratives about various emotional-sexual experiences. This I’ve tong regarded as the initial text for any publisher making an extended commitment to my fiction.

5) More Portraits From Memory, which collects over 200 single-page exclusively verbal portraits of past loves.

6) Reflections On Lovings & Relationships, which is a short text of thoughtful aphorisms (unlike fictions) that can, if vividly illustrated, become a book.

7) More Minimal Fictions, which would be a sequel to Minimal Fictions (Asylum Arts, 1993), likewise containing one-word, two-word, and three-word stories in a variety of expressive typefaces.

8) 201 Contemporary Ballets, which are short scenarios for physical movement-achoreographic analogue for drama scripts.

9) A Book of Only Openings, which is likewise exceptionally evocative single-sentence sories

Needless to say perhaps, I have published many other books that are not well-known--that are in most public collections and the private libraries of most literate people. Thus, if most works of fiction customarily appear with no assured sales, these would have at least a foundation of interest. Should any agent or publisher like to consider any of these manuscripts, please let me hear from you at the address at the top of this page. Thank you.