Proposal for a collection of my BILINGUAL POEMS

Bilingual Poems

Other Poetry Editions by Richard Kostelanetz
Visual Language (saddle-stitched book, 1970)
I Articulations (perfect-bound book, 1974)
Portraits from Memory (perfect-bound hardbound and paperback book, 1975)
Numbers: Poems & Stories (newsprint book, 1976)
Rain Rains Rain (loose-leaf book, 1976)
Illuminations (saddle-stitched book, 1977)
Numbers Two (envelope chapbook, 1977)
On Holography (multiplex hologram, 1978)
Turfs/Arenas/Fields/Pitches (chapbook, 1980)
Areas/Fields/Pitches/Turfs (perfect-bound book, 1982.
Invocations (lp record, 1983; audiocassette, 1991)
Antitheses (hologram, 1985)
Partitions (videotape, 1986)
Turfs/Arenas/Fields/Pitches (audiotape, 1988)
Onomatopoeia (audiotape, 1988)
Carnival of the Animals/Karneval der Tiere (audiotape, 1988)
Turfs/Grounds/Lawns (videotape, 1988)
Kinetic Writings (videotape, 1988)
Hidden Meanings (holograms, 1989)
Videostrings (videotape, 1989)
Stringtwo (videotape, 1989)
Stringsieben (videotape. 1989)
Fields/Pitches/Turfs/Arenas (saddle-stitched book, 1990)
Onomatopoeia (videotape, 1990)
Solos, Duets, Trios, & Choruses (perfect-bound book, 1991)
Repartitions-IV (saddle-stitched chapbook, 1991)
Behold Visual Poetry (ephermera, 1991)
Partitions (saddle-stitched chapbook, 1992)
Wordworks: Poems Selected & New (perfect-bound paperback & hardback book, 1993)
MoRepartitions (saddle-stitched chapbook, 1994)
Poetry I Shall Not Make (2003)
More Wordworks (2004)
Video Poems. New York: RK Editions, (in progress)

Books Wholly of Essays on Poetry
The Old Poetries and the New (1981)
The New Poetries and Some Olds (1991)

Bilingual Poems
Richard Kostelanetz

If there is a single ambition for me, it is not to write acknowledged masterpieces or to becomc a poetry professor, but to be the most inventive poet ever in American literature, forging poetic possibilities that others might choose to develop, perhaps surpassing me in excellence. Even I have few competitors in such pioneering esthetic enterprise, I’m not done yet. —Richard Kostelanetz, Wordworks: Poems New & Selected (1993)

If the principal theme of my poetry has been invention, one motive of the poems written since Wordworks (1993), my first elaborate collection, has been the clashing of languages. This reflects initially my interest in writing poems in languages I barely know--for instance, the French and German Strings reprinted there. As always, I make a move and then look for surprising results. Here one move is interweaving the letters of words in two languages; another comes from jamming two words together to form not only a larger word but an evocative intersection. Many other poetic developments should follow from these initial moves. Some depend upon understanding two languages; others, not. —Richard Kostelanetz, New York, NY