Proposal for More Crimes of Culture: Essays 1968-2004

A sequel to Crimes of Culture (1995), this book would collect in one place my best severe essays on literature and the arts. It differs from its predecessor, whose title it echoes, in that the latter has essays mostly about literary politics and cultural funding. Among the essays in this new book would be:

Poetry: A Magazine of Worse (1979), re an anthology from that magazine

“I Keek It, I Vin It”: Joseph Brodsky (1987), re his critical essays

Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (1993), taking Brodsky's advice to be prepared

American Poetry Today: Field’s Faceless Fusiliers (1980), re A Geography of Poets

Interchangeable Parts (1975), re the first anthology of The Fiction Collective

Poetry Readings (1978)

Poetry Blurbs (1994), demonstrating how they have become literary boilerplate

“The Fiction Collective” Again (1978), re their second self-anthology

Slight of Foot (1994), re the Norton anthology of “Post-Modernism”

Poetry I Shall Not Make (1993), an anti-manifesto in the form of a poem

Signs of the Times (1991), re uniformity of the Missouri Review anthology of fiction

Gatherings of Ringers (1991), re the Pushcart annuals

Books by “Artists” (1983)

Edward Said (2004)

What’s Wrong for the New York Times Book Review (2004)

Susan Sontag (2001)

Bullchipping (2004), re patent fabrications by prominent authors

Unloaded Canons (1980, 1989), re peculiar recent histories of Am. Literature

Butt—Kissy (1993), re a new kind of literary magazine

Rejection Letters (1993), examples of editorial idiocy

Self-Sabotage (1989), re the prominent art critics Donald Kuspit & Lucy R. Lippard

Waiting for Revisionism (1991), re criticism of video art

The Illusion of Expertise (1991), re a book about baseball in Latin America

Cagean Illiteracy (1994), re purported experts’ ignorant remarks about John Cage

Wrecking Havoc in the Name of Cage (1994), re the exhibition done in his name


Editors wishing to consider the manuscript are invited to contact the author.