The Uncollected Writings of S. Foster Damon

Damon (1893-1971; Harvard, ‘14), my former teacher, was the author of, among other monuments, the first full-length critical book on William Blake to appear in America (1924)

A book of Damon’s uncollected writings should begin with the following selections, none of which previously appeared in books published under Damon’s name. From my experience of doing several one-person anthologies, I find that, once a contract is in hand, further research usually produces additional selections. Expect me to expand an appreciation of Damon that appeared in my book The New Poetries and Some Old (S. Illinois Univ., 1991). May I point out that my selections of AnOther E. E.Cummings (Liveright, 1998), is dedicated solely to Damon.


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“Witch of Dogtown, a Drama in Three Acts” (about which I remember him speaking often)
Previously uncollected poems, to be selected, beginning with “The Mad Huntsman” (which Yvor Winters admired)