Proposal for the book publication of Epiphanies

Epiphanies is large collection of single-sentence fictions that have no necessary relation to each other. These sentences may then be published in any order, as long as the published arrangement clarifies that the Epiphanies were not otherwise connected to each other--say, with extra space between sentences, or separate paragraphs, or blocks of type afloat in the space of the page. Publishers should consider this an opportunity for innovative design and typesetting--for doing something different not only from what they usually do but from what others have done. The sentences in Epiphanies will also become the material of an audiotape, a film, a videotape, and periodical publications, as well as a gallery installation. The project is already acknowledged in histories and encyclopedias of American fiction.

Publishers wishing to consider a text over 50,000 words in length should contact the author.