Proposal for an EXHIBITION OF ANTHOLOGIES of literature, criticism, art, and social thought, edited for publishers both large and small

A retrospective of over three decades' work with over three dozen books, which would be put in display cases or, more attractively, left on a supervised table for reading on the premises, in either an art gallery or a library. The books on exhibition would include On Contemporary Literature (l964, l969), The New American Arts (l965), Twelve from the Sixties (l967), The Young American Writers (l967), Beyond Left & Right (l968), Imaged Words & Worded Images (l970), Possibilities of Poetry (l970), Moholy-Nagy (l970), John Cage (l970), Social Speculations (l97l), Future's Fictions (l971), Human Alternatives (l97l), Seeing through Shuck (l972), in Youth (l972), Breakthrough Fictioneers (l973), The Edge of Adaptation (l973), Language & Structure (l975), Essaying Essays (l975), Younger Critics in North America (l976), Esthetics Contemporary (l978), Assembling Assembling (l978), Visual Literature Criticism (l979), Text-Sound Texts (l980), The Yale Gertrude Stein (l980), Scenarios (l980), Aural Literature Criticism (l98l), American Writing Today (two volumes, l98l), The Avant-Garde Tradition in Literature (l982), Gertrude Stein Advanced (1989), Merce Cunningham (1992), John Cage: Writer (1993; 2000), Writings About John Cage (1993), Nicolas Slonimsky: The First i00 Years (Schirmer, 1994). A Portable Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (Schirmer, 1995). A B. B. King Companion (Schirmer, 1997), Writings on Glass (Schirmer, 1997; Univ. of California, 1999), A Frank Zappa Companion (1997), AnOther E. E. Cummings (Liveright, 1998), Virgil Thomson: A Reader (2002), Aaron Copland: A Reader (2003).

The exhibition should have a catalogue that would open with an expanded version of an autobiographical essay (already drafted for another medium) about the general purposes of these anthologies and then particular histories of individual books. Space permitting, it would perhaps include reproductions of tables of contents, excerpts from introductions and comprehensive bibliographical data. Materials from this catalogue could also be displayed. The exhibition would be the first of its kind, to my knowledge, and would probably be particularly appropriate for libraries with modest exhibition facilities. Interested sponsors should contact the author. Thank you.