A PROPOSAL for an exhibition and/or a package of Richard Kostelanetz’s AVANT-GARDE EROTICA that would ideally contain these texts:

Excelsior, a seduction narrative with paragraphs no more than one word long;
One-Night Stood, a book-length narrative with paragraphs no more than two words long, printed on both newsprint and as a spine-bound book;
Erotic Minimal Fictions, each only a few words long, in a tiny box;
Contagion, a narrative printed on fifty feet of acetate;
More or Less, an incremental fiction printed on 127 cards, 8 1/2” x 11”;
Portraits from Memory, a perfect-bound book of hand-written visual representations, 7” x 10”;
More Portraits from Memory, a single text continuously printed on approximately 240 pages of perforated red paper;
Yet More Portraits from Memory, handwritten gold-surfaced cards 8 1/2” X 11”;
Relationships, which is micrography, 5” x 8”;
Seductions, in which sixteen narratives in sixteen different typefaces are interwoven one sentence at a time (which can also be performed by spectators selected from an audience);
Getting Laid in Manhattan, two abstract drawings;
Come Here, a chapbook in which those two words are erotically (re)designed through pages that constitute a narrative;
Yes-No, single-page narratives in which those two words are variously arrayed;
Other materials include a CD with the audio Excelsior and Ululation and a DVD with electro-acoustic realizations of Seductions and Relationships accompanied by continuous abstract kinetic imagery.