Proposal for Wordsand, a travelling exhibition

May I tell you about Wordsand, the traveling exhibition of my creative work with language in several media. It presently includes spine-bound books of my visual poetry, visual fiction, experimental prose and numerical art; ladderbooks of visual fiction; card books whose pages can be distributed over an exhibition space; silkscreened prints; a poem on adding machine tape 50' long; offset cards; stereo audiotapes; color videotapes; 16 mm. sound films; and several transmission holograms. The spine-bound books have customarily been placed on an open shelf adjacent to a comfortable chair. The ladder-books have been strung out over the display space. The card-books can be mounted on walls, along with the prints. The cassettes of audiotapes and videotapes can be played whenever visitors wish. The film can likewise be shown on demand, or at scheduled times. The holograms, made with different technologies, raise special exhibition problems we can discuss. The exhibition has been installed in several kinds of space: in one room 100' by 20', in two adjacent rooms roughly 20' by 30', within a single space 35' square divided by thin screens, within a space 20' by 50' punctuated by a pillar. Only the 16 large prints need be framed; they are already matted. All the materials fit into a single crate 46" by 30" by 9" that weighs roughly 90 pounds, and it has so far traveled, mostly by "package express" (bus), to Simon Fraser Univ., Univ. of Alberta, Cornell College (Iowa), Univ. of North Dakota, Miami-Dade Community College, Vassar College, California State Univ. at Bakersfield. Simon Fraser co-published a 92-page catalogue that is filled not with illustrations but with theoretical and art-autobiographical writings. Even though a larger illustrated catalog would be nice, I can supply copies of this first edition to retail at $3.00 apiece. Wordsand may well be the first comprehensive one-person exhibition of its particular literary-artistic kind in America.

The following materials are available for the Wordsand exhibition:

Word Prints: seven silkscreen prints, nonsequential, each 26" x 40"; Echo, one silkscreened print, 23” x 29”; Numbers One, six prints, 22” x 30”, only two of which must be displayed together; Modulations and Extrapolate, two ladder-books, each roughly 4” x 80”, to be mounted vertically on a wall.

Posters & cards: Manifestoes, Radar, Autobiography, Combinations, Echo, Metamorphosis, Evolving, Milestones in a Life.

Looseleaf books: Numbers One (in seven images), Rain Rains Rain (24 cards), And So Forth.

Books: Visual Language, In the Beginning, Accounting, I Articulations/Short Fictions, Recyclings, Openings & Closings, Portraits from Memory, Come Here, Constructs, Numbers:Poems & Stories, Three Places in New Inkland, Illuminations, One Night Stood (both newsprint & perfectbound), Constructs Two, Intermix, Inexistences, Constructs Three, Tabula Rasa, Constructs Four, Flilpping, Constructs Five, Fifty Constructivist Stories, Constructs Six, Foreshortenings, Turfs/Arenas/Fields/Pitches, Exhaustive Parallel Intervals, More Short Fictions, Autobiographies, Reincarnations, Prose Pieces/Aftertexts, Epiphanies, Minimal Fictions, Vocal Shorts, Solos, Duets, Trios, & Choruses, 3-Element Stories, etc., Stringthree, adding machine tape 3" high and over fifty feet long.

Videotapes: Three Prose Pieces, Openings & Closings, Declaration of Independence, Epiphanies (for character-generator), Literary Video; Partitions; a copy of the four-hour film Epiphanies with a soundtrack in English, German, and Chinese; and video documentaries of two radically different theatrical performances of the dramatic version of Epiphanies.

Audiotapes: Experimental Prose, Praying to the Lord, Audio Writing, Foreshortenings & Other Stories, Monotapes, Openings & Closings, Invocations, Seductions, Relationships, Dialogues, Conversations, New York City, Asdescent/Anacatabasis, The Gospels, Die Evangelien, Baseball: Americas' Game, Ululation, etc..

Films: Constructivist Fictions, Epiphanies, Ein Verlorenes Berlin/A Berlin Lost, etc.

Holograms: On Holography (multiplex cylinder), Antitheses (two-sided transmission), Ho/Log/Rap/Her, Ho/Log/Rap/Hy, Madam/Adam, Abracadabra, Ambiguity, Hell/Elle.

Sponsoring organization interested in exhibiting Wordsand should contact the artist. Thank you.