Proposal to consider More Portraits From Memory: A Cycle Of Recollections (64,092 words)

This is the preface:

I wanted to write a book at once about past loves of mine, about becoming a man in the 1960s, and about loving in New York City.
Its themes would include the individuality of people known intimately, the variousness of affection, and the unpredictable selectivity of memory.
I chose a form that would force me to be concise, but would not artificially organize intrinsically miscellaneous perceptions.
The material is basically autobiographical, although many details have been disguised without jeopardizing more essential authenticities.
Since the subject is my experience and memory, I would be alarmed if any reader saw herself, or anyone known to her or him, in these portraits.
These resemble my earlier Portraits from Memory (Ardis, 1975; RK Editions, 1980), only in subject and form--one page per person.
Among the secondary themes known to me are the irrationality of love and the contingency and thus unpredictability of failure and success in relationships, as well as the essential mystery of who is remembered and who not, and why.
For one practical reason or another, some pages of the entire manuscript are not available for publication at this time.
Any combination of these portraits (pages) may be published at any time, though I hope that editors will publish enough of them to respect the themes noted above.
I thought about publishing these portraits under a pseudonym, but evasions have never been an element of my style. Were I reborn as a woman, I would hope to write a sequel; as a man, I'd love to read it.
Should any publisher wish to consider the complete manuscript, please let me hear from you. Thanks.