Possibilities of Longer Poetry: An Anthology of American Contemporaries

This aims to be a diversified collection of important post-1959 long poems (integral wholes, rather than collections of parts, over ten pages in length, but shorter than a whole book), along with an extended historical-critical introduction to recent longer poetry, the requisite bio-bibliographical notes, and a selective bibliography, after the model of my earlier Possibilities of Poetry (Delta, 1970), whose introduction was reprinted, among other places, in my The Old Poetries and the New (University of Michigan, 1981). My theme here, as before, is that postwar poetry represents a series of reactions to the post-Eliot hegemony of 1945, and that these reactions have been so various that it is fair to speak of this recent period as, first of all, remarkably plural. The length of the book ultimately depends upon the publisher's budget (with 320 pages as minimum), and the following selections are tentative, in part because all material will be reexamined and the advice of colleagues solicited, especially about options that have recently appeared, but mostly because all possible contributors will be offered the following terms of payment: as two thirds of the publishers' entire advance to the editor be allocated to the contributors upon publication, that sum will be divided by the number of pages in the book to reach the basic per-page rate, with each contributor receiving this amount multiplied by the number of printed pages of his or her selection, without exception. Those poems whose authors/publishers cannot accept these equitable terms will simply be listed in an appendix for readers to find on their own.

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