Proposal for SEDUCTIONS, a performance piece with audience-participation

The text comes from my book More Short Fictions (1980). It contains sixteen different seduction stories that, set in sixteen different typefaces, are interwoven one sentence at a time with one another. For live performances, sixteen readers, who need not all be male, are recruited from the audience. They are given individually marked parts, as musicians would say, in which the lines that each of the sixteen is required to speak are underlined in red. With the entire text in hand, each speaker should know well in advance when he (or she) is required to speak again. In my experience, the performance is at once erotic and comic, the former because of the explicit content, the latter because the speakers are discovering their characters, and the coherence of each of their stories, along with the audience (which after all includes one another). The performance should take less than a half hour. While I need not be present, it would be useful to have one person take charge, not only to recruit the speakers from the audience but also to assist or replace, should any of the individual readers get lost or fall away. I found that Seductions can be performed on successive nights, as long as new speakers are recruited, for the real performance comes from the discoveries and interactions noted above. For further information, as well as copies of the marked parts, please contact the author at the address above.