Proposals for an anthology of New American Radio Plays

The theme is the definition of a tradition that is more literary/experimental than the standard fare, and thus not only more interesting to read but more useful in university programs. Beyond that is a bias towards scripts whose production would be possible only on acoustic media (i.e., radio or, its successor audiotape). Thus, the book would open with four classic texts:

Archibald MacLeish’s Fall of the City
Lucille Fletcher’s Sorry Wrong Number
Norman Corwin’s Daybreak
Kenneth Patchen’s The City Wears a Slouch Hat

Followed by contemporary texts such as these (many by writers otherwise known as poets or composers):

Carol Adjorian, Portions Mechanically Reproduced
Charles Amirkhanian, Seatbelt, Seatbelt
Beth Anderson, Riot Rot
Sandra Braman, Vellum
John Cage, a text to be chosen
John Chu, Out of my Mind
Albert Cook, Recall
Stephen Dixon, Hugh
Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding, Spelling Bee (from Write If You Get Work)
Welch Everman, Trio and Duet
Joe Frank, text to be chosen
Dick Higgins, City of Angeles
Jackson Mac Low, Dialog unter Dichtern/Dialog Among Poets
Michael Palmer, Idem-V
Richard Kostelanetz, Minimal Audio Plays
Henry H. Roth, Hotline
Francis Schwartz, La Locura (?) de Robert Schumann

As is customary in anthologies of mine, I’m wedded rnore to the concept than to any inclusions (which will be dropped if unavailable or too expensive), and I expect that, once permission forms go out, other appropriate inclusions will come to my attention.